Lexis Hanson
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Hey there 👋 welcome to my site.


Video Gallery

A collection app of videos, keynotes, sessions, and webinars for Salesforce Developers, with easy-to-use filtering and refinements, enabling developers to quickly find and view the content they care about.

Built with: JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Algolia, YouTube API, Heorku, Docker, Jest.

Presentation: Modern JavaScript Features

Presented in front of an audience of 250 attendees at Salesforce TrailheaDX '19 conference.

This session explores fundamental modern JavaScript features, such as arrow functions, rest/spread operators, and destructuring. We'll also dive into managing asynchronous behavior, and new ways to iterate over objects and arrays. You'll learn practical tricks you can use with these new features to improve the code you write each day.

API Explorer

Provides visibility to Salesforce REST API's and related resources and endpoints, with the ability for a user to try out live API requests against their developer org.

Contributions include: upgrading parts of data model in existing project to support new OpenAPI 3 spec (from Swagger 2.0), including additional parsing and validation to support new functionality.

Built with: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, React on Rails

Sample App Gallery

An index of popular Salesforce Sample Apps, built by developer evangelists, which provides access for the developer community to view, learn, and iterate on pre-built features and common use cases on the Salesforce Platform.

Built with: JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Heroku, Docker, Jest.

Design System React

Design System React is an open-source project, imlementing React Components using the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

Contributions include: creating components from scratch, fixing issues, writing tests, and building documentation.

The goal of this project is to provide an easy-to-use way for Salesforce Developers to use React components based on the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS).

Built with: Javascript, React, CSS, Enzyme, Chai, and Mocha.


CryptoPrices provides cryptocurrency prices real-time in a voice-enabled interface, on Google Home devices and on the Google Assistant iOS/Android app. Users can request the price of a cryptocurrency in terms of a fiat (traditional) currency or another cryptocurrency.

This app was published with Actions on Google and granted a "Gaining Traction" award from Google, with 60k monthly invocations at the time of the milestone.

Built with: Javascript, Node, Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, Dialogflow (NLP), and CryptoCompare API.


I'm a self-taught software engineer with a focus on JavaScript, React, Redux Node.js, and functional programming.

I enjoy experiementing with API's as much as I like thinking through user experiences. I've worked in tech for the last six years, previously in product and customer success roles.

I enjoy chaos and I'm not typically one for sticking to the status quo. If I see something that needs to get done, I do it. If I find something I want to learn, I go learn it.

I'm most interested in working on web apps, design systems, and framework technologies.


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